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Moldtronics Inc. is a custom plastic injection molding and machining company that is your complete source for injection molded products. Moldtronics was founded in 1955 and has grown to a full service design, prototyping, machining, mold making and plastic injection molding company. Our manufacturing facilities utilize the latest state of the art machinery to ensure that the product we ship meets or exceeds the requirements of our customers. Our ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our dedication to delivering consistent product with each shipment. We do not ship product unless it meets our stringent quality control standards.

Moldtronics Inc. will design and assist you with your designs and manufacture your plastic parts to exacting specifications. We manufacture products for a variety of industries from Medical Products to Military Spec, and anything in between. We have in-house mold-making and design capabilities to provide our customers with the highest level of service.

We have been serving our customers ON EVERY CONTINENT ON THE PLANET with high quality plastic injection molded parts for over 50 years. With the quality plastic injection molding services offered by Moldtronics Inc. there is no need to go off shore for quality or price.

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  • Expert Mold Design and Mold Manufacturing capabilities using the latest CAD systems, including Moldflow analysis, and Precision CNC machining Centers.
  • Injection Molds. Our mold makers stand behind your tooling and injection molds. Dedicated and highly trained moldmakers serve as your full service and support team to keep you producing TROUBLE FREE for the lifetime of your project
  • Wide range Plastic Injection Molding capabilities through our close relationships with key molders.
  • Our Machine Shop utilizes the latest technology in manufacturing including Precision High Speed CNC Machine Tools, and inspection and quality control with CMM,
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We provide Precision CNC Machined Parts and Assemblies for Aerospace, Military, and Commercial Customers. Our highly skilled cnc machining team has expertise in key manufacturing technologies and techniques. We support Aerospace, Military, and Commercial Manufacturing requirements as we  create solutions for our clients’ needs.  We employ:

  • The latest CAD Design Engineering and CAM CNC Programming Software. We have specific software capabilities to import customer CAD models and data from engineering through inspection with full traceability and quality assurance.
  • High Precision and High Speed CNC Machine Tool Technology, with capabilities through 4th & 5th axis machining.
  • Fully calibrated Quality Control Equipment and Test Instruments.

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